How The Books About Soccer Players Help Busting Soccer Myths?

Hello World-I am busting those myths about soccer!!

Want to debunk your child's soccer myths? Read on to learn how books about soccer players can help you bust the myths.

It is difficult to break the habits, especially when your child has been doing it for several years. However, what about gifting your child books that can tell them to do something differently? Yes! Here is where books about soccer players come into the picture.

If your child is an enthusiastic soccer player but has some myths or is playing a game in the wrong way, you have come to the right place.

This blog will explain how books about soccer players can help clear misconceptions and make your child a pro footballer.

Let's check out a few myths and facts about the soccer world that soccer books are enlightening.

Myth 1 – Don't Lift Weight! It Will Make You Slow.

Generally, people have the misconception that if they have more muscle, it can make them slow. However, it is a complete myth. If your child also has the same myth and that's why they avoid gym training, gift them soccer player books. It will help them differentiate between power training and bodybuilding. Usually, soccer coaches give players different resistance training that will improve their power and speed qualities.

Myth 2 – Are You a Slow Player? You Must Be Out Of Shape!

Do you also think if someone is a slow player, they are out of shape? Well, it is a myth! The coach should opt for a structured method and strategy to improve strength, max velocity, and acceleration simultaneously. It is, in fact, the most viable and beneficial training way. Many soccer books are revolved around this concept. So, buy such books for your child and fix their misconception.

Myth 3 – Doing Full Squat Will Harm Your Knees

If your young footballer tends to believe that doing full squats will harm his knees, it is time to bust this myth. Generally, in soccer and other sports, limiting an athlete from using their full range of motion in any joint is not preferred and advisable. In soccer, a player must have unlimited freedom. If a coach or player limits his movement, it can seriously affect an athlete.

Myth 4 – Developing Strength in One Leg is Enough

While playing soccer, a player usually finds himself on one leg. However, it does not mean he should develop strength in just one leg. To play soccer efficiently, you must train your legs equally and develop strength. Developing strength only in one leg will limit the player's multi-joint bilateral movement. So, the player's ability to generate and manage the different movements essential to play soccer will also be limited. It is vital to prioritize skill and athlete-specific training to optimize player performance.

Myth 5 – Fast Players Are Born Like That

Previously, there was a misbelief that you could not teach any player to improve their speed. However, this is not true. Of course, a player must have some genetic qualities to run fast. However, remember that speed is a complex motor skill that combines force production and motor control capabilities. It can be taught and improved with good speed drills.

Myth 6 - Coach Should Provide Frequent and Quick Feedback

A coach's feedback is essential for the player's overall development in any sport. Feedback helps the precise development of practical learning and influences soccer players to practice consistently and eventually master the skill. However, that does not mean a coach should provide too much feedback. Otherwise, the player's mind will get overloaded with information. Players will be unable to develop problem-solving processes and figure out the issue by themselves. Various books about soccer players portray such scenarios. So, buy it for your children.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, from the above guide, you understood how reading plays a vital role in enhancing your child's football skills. Some books about soccer players help bust the myths about the game through exciting stories, inspiring characters, fascinating pictures, and much more.

If you are also searching for such soccer books, visit our website today! These books will help your child learn the tips, secrets, and tricks to master the game with fantastic stories. Check them out and tell us in the comment section below which book you plan to buy for your child.

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