How Picture Books About Football Will Make Your Child Better At Football?

How Picture Books About Football Will Make Your Child Better At Football?

Do you want to improve your child's football skills? This blog will explain how gifting them picture books about football can make them better at football.

Generally, from a very young age, football coaches work hard with players on their physical fitness and techniques. However, none of them encourage them to read picture books about football as a part of their training regime. People, including coaches, tend to believe that a player cannot be bookies and sporty simultaneously. However, it is an entirely wrong message for potential athletes.

Reading can aid athletic performance even when the player is experiencing intense pressure; if you are wondering how this blog is for you. This blog will explain how reading football books can enhance players' thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Here are five reasons you should buy picture books about football for your child. Let us check them out one by one.

  1. Can improve mental fitness

In football, the main focus is usually on the heart and lungs. Usually, coaches and players overlook mental fitness. However, the human brain is a complex organ, and reading can increase its power.

 If your child is a young football player who wants to play at the national/international level when they grow up, you must pay 100% attention to all their body parts, incorporating their mind.

 And reading can become a fitness session for them. As the famous saying by Johann Cruyff – "You play football with your head; your legs are just there to help you."


  1. Enhances thinking ability

Playing football in an eleven-player team is an intense experience for a young child. Problem-solving while outfield players are shouting around is also challenging. However, reading football-related books can train players' brains to think harder, faster, and smarter. It can help players spot patterns where other people see chaos. In short, encouraging players to read can let them take control of each moment. It can help young players transform a football match into an adventure story. 

  1. Helps improve concentration

In a football match, concentration is the key. Players need to work hard to develop the capability to block everything else out and focus on the football in front of them. Taking sessions from a sports psychologist is not possible and affordable every time. Here is where reading football books can help your child. It is the most affordable and feasible way to practice improving focus while switching off screens and reading a book. 

  1. Books help in enhancing empathy ability.

Generally, football coaches choose their team based on their teammate's personality and ability. They prefer to choose players who bring harmony and humour to their team. Books can help players develop the ability to climb into other player's skin and walk around it. Developing empathy can make a person a better teammate. In that, reading football-related books plays a vital role. It lets players see the world with the help of different people's eyes in books. 

  1. It increases self-belief

Usually, people don't give importance to the self-belief in the football game. It is one of the most undersold traits. However, a player needs a solid backbone and impressive confidence level to walk in front of thousands of people and perform to their best abilities. Reading can help improve confidence. How? Whenever a person reads, it can live the lives of many people. Whenever any hero character in the book rises or falls, a player rises and falls with him. Reading picture books about football can teach players how to cope with different situations. So, you must encourage your child to read.

Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, reading is a solitary activity, and football playing is a team game. However, reading can improve their emphasizing ability with others by seeing the world with the help of different people's eyes in books. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your child's favorite copy today.

Are you searching for good picture books that hook your child from the first chapter and take them on a journey of excitement, discovery, and insights? Check our latest collection of picture books about football here and buy the one that resonates with your child's likings.


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