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Soccer Tales: Legend of the Shoelace Monster Paperback

Soccer Tales: Legend of the Shoelace Monster Paperback

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The Legend of the Shoelace Monster Lives On

The Shoelace Monster and his family have been pulling the laces of the world together for centuries and now it is America's turn to learn the game.

Ancient Asian Dynasties called the game Cuju or "kick the ball with foot"

The empires of the Mayans and Aztecs called it Ullamaliztli, the famous Aztec ball game.

Brazil and its 5 World Cups brings a musical style to the game. A native song of rhythm begins with a drumbeat and the echoing bang of a branch beating on a carved-out log.

Now it's the Icelanders qualifying for the Cup for the 1st time and the booming of their drums and Viking war chant.

With shoelaces flying, ice cream soda armies doing battle and their own special brand of hilarity the Shoelace Monster and his Viper team of soccer players learn to love and play the world's game . Nothing can stop their energy and passion, not even an evil Referee and, her boss, the Big Commish. Watch out for the U.S. in Qatar in 2022 .
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