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Soccer Tales II-Born to Play the Game-2nd Edition

Soccer Tales II-Born to Play the Game-2nd Edition

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Quite possibly the worst girl's soccer team in the history of high school soccer! Team Revolt is an inner city school team meeting the Shoelace Monster, his Canadien girlfriend Sammie and Coach Stu.
It is a daunting task since they are totally out of shape consuming daily quantities of blue juice and chips from the local Bodega. The coaching staff's job is to get them to work hard at practice through creative teaching plans while keeping up their spirits through a string of losses as the season continues.

It is not an easy task but they do improve as the season progresses.

Coach Stu knows that with hard work and dedication their skills at the game will improve and it is not just that those other girls' teams were "Born to Play the Game"

The U.S. Women's national team is a source of pride for the girls as they learn of how the women have outshone their male counterparts by winning numerous World Cup titles.

Numerous coaches including the sons of Tony DeCicco, National Team Coach, and Jonathan Vonesh of Climax Fisher High School featured on 60 minutes attest to the book and the battleplan to improve U.S. Soccer;

1. avoid scapegoating and genetics as excuses for losing

2. reward and punishment

3. dedication and hard work
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