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Hippo Tales - Note to a bloat

Hippo Tales - Note to a bloat

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Ella wants to have a pet that no one else in the world would think of having, a 9,000 pound hippopotamus. Help us celebrate Ella's first birthday at her Day Care. She has made a lot of friends like Gigi and others and they love to play games together. Bo puts an extra special spin on the games.  The music and dancing is part of what Bo and the kids like to do, so come along and join them in their escapades as they enjoy their first day in the life of the Day Care.

In "Hippo Tales-Note to a Bloat" it's Ella's first day at Day Care. She gets permission from the Family Bloat to take her pet Hippopotamus, Bo, along with her. They proceed to have boatloads of fun, running, gamboling, shooting basketballs, playing and dancing with all the kids, swimming, napping and, of course, doing what comes naturally to a hippo, eating. What a marvelous day.

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Hippo Tales: Combination Of Fun & Education Book for Kids

Are you all set to embark on an immersive journey to the storytelling’s magical world? If yes, you have come to the right place. Hippo Tales is an amazing and captivating storybook written by the seasoned and skilled Lew Freimark.

The book contains an imaginative collection of stories that brilliantly ignite the imagination of young readers and take them on exciting adventures they will cherish forever.

Through this book, young readers can step into an imaginary world where hippos can talk, play, and do adventures. "Hippo Tales" contains enchanting narratives that are skillfully written to win the hearts of children and take them to far-off lands that are filled with wonder and excitement.

The author’s masterful storytelling paints vivid pictures in the young reader's mind and makes each story come alive with each turn of the page.

The Hippo Adventure Begins:

The book opens with a delightful tale of Ella who wants to have a pet that nobody in the world can think to have – a hippopotamus. It is her first birthday at daycare and she got permission to take her pet with her. The entire story revolves around how Ella spent her birthday with her pet in the daycare and enjoyed it with all her friends. 

Hippo Tales - A Perfect Blend of Fun and Learning:

"Hippo Tales" is not just another book of fantastical stories; in fact, it is an educational tool that effortlessly integrates valuable life lessons into the narrative. Each story is cleverly designed to impart important values, such as teamwork, friendship, resilience, and compassion. 

The stories covered in this book will encourage positive behavior and try to integrate essential social skills in young readers.

What Is So Special About "Hippo Tales"?

The author of this book truly understands the importance of nurturing young children and glimmering their creativity. "Hippo Tales" is cautiously written to entertain and teach young readers. In a nutshell, the book makes it an ideal addition to any child's bookshelf.

From its vivacious illustrations to its inspiring narratives, this book transports readers into the imaginary world.

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If you do not want to miss this chance to inspire a love for reading and ignite a lifelong passion for learning for your kids, order your copy of Hippo Tales now!

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