Hedgehog Wars

The kids are running to get all the soccer tales books

The duels at Forts Stinky and Shish-ka-Bob between the Hedgies and the Scruffies  mean no harm to anyone and just seek to gain control of the Forest.


                                              Call it a family affair of sorts, if you will.


Lew Freimark had been weaving bedtime tales for his sons for years. The sagas he would conjure up about assorted super heroes were, by his account his best. "I was pretty much making it up as I was going along" the New Jersey father of two pointed out the other day.


But the impromptu yarns Freimark came up with to get his 11 and 13 year old boys to go to sleep when they were younger would eventually fade from his memory. Then one day he decided, "Hey, you know, rather than lose them for posterity, I'll just take out my handheld recorder" Freimark said.

 Hedgehog map

And so he began to put the food fights bug-stomping  battles and sundry other skirmishes of the animal troops of "Hedgies" and "Scruffies" he made up on cassettes. " Then I put them in the desk and didn't take them out for years," Freimark said of his nascent audio collection. "They were just collecting dust."

That is, until he and his sons determined to dig the tapes up and commit their contents to paper. The end result is the new children's book dubbed, "The Hedgehog Wars"

 This fanciful account of the constant unrelenting clash between an army of hedgehogs and one of raccoons, skunks, porcupines, ground hogs, squirrels and birds to control the forest they call home. Freimark explains, is meant to help enlighten kids about gaining personal insight into oneself and overcoming obstacles.


The hero of the book turns out to be the last character you would expect to be the hero.


Now solidly smitten by the written word, Freimark is turning his experience as a youth and high school soccer and basketball coach for 10 years into a tome he's calling " Soccer Tales Legend of the Shoelace Monster"   and the second in the series entitled "Soccer Tales - Born to Play the Game"        

 Hedgehog Wars 2

He has been approached by Hollywood to bring the stories to the silver screen which we think would be joyful for our younger generations. Come join us and get your own personalized copy, signed by the author and shipped to you.

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