Goal! 5 Best Books About Soccer For Kids

Goal! 5 Best Books About Soccer For Kids

Kids who dislike reading usually try to reach for the tablet or TV remote. Yes! It's a fact! However, if your child likes Soccer, you are in luck! We have listed a few best books about Soccer. So, if your child cannot get enough of Soccer, these books will be a great joy for them to read!

Soccer is the second most popular sport kids play in the United States (Shhh!! Don't say football, it's Soccer!). So, if your child is Soccer crazy, these books will surely entertain them.

1) Soccer Tales By Lew Freimark

Featuring first on the list is Soccer Tales. This book is filled with an enchanting Soccer story spurned by Lew Freimark. He has tried to bring his profound love, knowledge, and skills to every book page.

This book is quite different from other Soccer books. By reading this book, your child will experience the Soccer world coming alive through mesmerizing stories and exhilarating adventures. Besides this book, the author has also written books about Soccer, such as Soccer and Witches, Soccer Tales Colouring Book, The Hedgehog Wars, etc.

2) Good Night Soccer By Michael Dahl

The next on the list is Good Night Soccer. It is one of the best books about Soccer for young Soccer fans. The book's main character is a young girl who is a diehard fan of Soccer.

From the opening kick to the final goal, she says goodnight to her most loved sport, Soccer. This book is captivating, with pleasant, rhyming text and spirited art. This book's author and illustrator have gracefully captured this sport's thrill and excitement.

3) The Academy By T.Z Layton

Coming up next on the list is The Academy. It is an inspiring series, especially for young readers and sports fans of all ages. The entire book revolves around the book's main character – Leo K. Dolye. He has a dream of becoming a star Soccer player.

 One day, a professional scout visits his game and tells him to try out for the London Dragons; that entire tale is covered proficiently in the book. This book will take your child on the young boy's dream journey to be a Soccer player.

4) Messi – A Boy Who Became A Star

Up next on the list is Messi. This book is about the inspiring story of a child, Lionel Messi, who became a Soccer star. The author has efficiently covered the entire journey of Messi and how he became one of the best soccer players in the world despite facing many obstacles in life.

It is the best book about Soccer that you can gift your child if they are a Soccer fan. The book teaches children about hard work and dedication that one must do to make their dreams come true. You can buy this book from Amazon.

5) Play Like A Girl: Life Lessons From the Soccer Field By Kate T Parker

Last but not least on the list is Play Like A Girl. If your child loves reading photography-led Soccer, this book is perfect. The book has ten chapters, each focusing on the football life lessons. 

Whether your child is 3 or 13 or you want to read this book, this book is for all ages. The book teaches what it means to be confident, fearless, proud, persistent, and resilient. This book features big names from the US women's football team, like Jessica McDonald and Megan Rapione. So, if you want to gift your teen a powerful read on Soccer, buy this book from Amazon.


There you are! Top 5 best books about Soccer for kids. All these books listed here are from some bestselling authors. So remember to check it out!

Which book are you planning to buy for your kid? If you already have these books, which one your child loved the most? Did I miss any? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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